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Woo Hoo!
It's National Grilled Cheese Month
April, 2014 is National Grilled Month and there is no better place in America to celebrate than Best Regards Bakery & Cafe.  With 6 Artisan Breads that we bake from scratch, 21 different cheese options and 17 of our favorite Add-ons we can make over 40 million different Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!
We have 4 Huge Specials going all month that will save you money while opening up a whole new world (cue the music).  Click National Grilled Cheese Month for all the details.

Welcome to Best Regards! 
Just now finding out about us?  Wondering how we are celebrating 21 years in business and this is the first you have heard about us?  Here are a few quick links to get the information that you need quickly: 
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MacTacular Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese

Cafe Lunch Special: 


the MacTacular

Grilled Cheese


Soups This Week:

80 Acre Beer Cheese

Oven Roasted San Marzano Tomato

* Available every day this week

Our Grilled Cheese Special this week is one of our favorites, but will no longer be on our regualr menu:  MacTacular (macaroni and cheese) Grilled Cheese.   Start off with our Artisan French Country Sourdough bread, load it up with lots of Macaroni & Cheese as only Best Regards can do and you have the makings for the ultimate comfort food!  We won't give away all our secrets, but we use some smoked gouda, Tillamook extra sharp cheddar and a couple more of our favorites with some cavatappi pasta for the perfect blend of cream and rich texture.  All of this is toasted to perfection, with a FREE combo side and piece of Gooey Butter Cake for the Best lunch special in KC!.
                                 $4.99, The Best Lunch Deal in KC!

Why do we do this you ask?  Well, we aren't making any money on this, but we are Bribing you to try something different than you usually get.  This is a cold, calculated decision in the hope that you will bring in some of your friends and co-workers for lunch and give us a try.  Ta Da!

 This Lunch Special runs through Saturday, April 19.

Cinnamon Roll Cranberry Orange Cookie Chocolate Ganache Sugar Cookie Broccoli
Breakfast Bowl
Toby's Breakfast Bowl
Gooey Butter Cake
Venny's Gooey Butter Cake
Our Mission is to make Best Regards the destination
Bakery & Cafe for all of Kansas City!  Come in
and taste why people are driving 30 minutes across town to eat.
~ Cherrie, Robert & Faith Duensing
The home of 52,015,376 Different Grilled Sandwiches!
see the math
What Makes BRB Special? Current Top 5 Goodies
  1. Everything is Scratch:  Absolutely everything is made from scratch.  In today's world this is the only way we can be sure of what is in the foods we sell.  Unlike most every other bakery we do not use any box or bag mixes that you just add water to.  We don't even use just plain old dried cranberries, we take that extra step to make everything special.
  2. Best in the World:  We search throughout the world for the best ingredients we can find to elevate every single ingredient of every product we make.  Artisanal bread is pretty simple as it only has 3 ingredients:  flour, water and salt.  We use King Arthur flour, sea salt and double filtered water.  European butter, Madagascar bourbon vanilla and real Limoncello are a few other examples.
  3. Original Recipes:  Every single recipe we use is a Best Regards Bakery original that involved many weeks and months of testing.  Our French Country Bread took 7 months and our Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie to 3 months and 72 test recipes.
  4. Friendly Service:  We are a family owned business worked by family and friends that really care about your bakery and gifting experience.  We have been around for 18 years and we still listen to your feedback.
  5. Passion:  In case you have not noticed, we are foodies with a passion for the best quality food possible.  We are constantly looking for that one extra step we can take to elevate the perfect sweet treat to something even better.
  1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich:  Amazing Grilled Cheese is pretty easy if you start with Artisan Bread from BRB!  With 15 cheeses to choose from and 11 add-ons like avocado, bacon, roast beef, portobello mushrooms and pesto there are over 40,000,000 different combinations!
  2. Gooey Butter Cake:  This may have been invented in St. Louis, but it was perfected here at Best Regards Bakery in KC!  This ooey, gooey and chewy treat was created by accident decades ago and has evolved and devolved over time.  We go old school on this and upgrade the ingredients all the way down the list.  Come on in for a FREE sample!
  3. Toby's Oatmeal Toffee Cookie:  We start off toasting the oatmeal, then home made toffee, even before making the dough.  Then we use European butter, King Arthur flour and some love for a wonderful, chewy cookie.
  4. Cinnamon Rolls:  Finding the perfect Cinnamon Roll has been a life long obsession for Robert, to no avail, so he created one.  The key is the bread and the 3 day rise to fully develop the perfect flavor profile.  So good you don't need the icing, but you will anyway!
  5. Cranberry Orange Cookie:  If you were to walk in and tell us that Oprah is in a limo outside and we have 10 seconds to pick something to give her, this would be it.  Like all of our cookies this is heat sealed in packaging to preserve the aroma and texture of this wonderful cookie.  Be sure to inhale deeply as you open the wrapping on this!.
Limoncello Cupcake European Butter Chocolate Avalanche Cookie Chocolate Ganache Sugar Cookie

Store Hours:        Mon - Fri: 7 am - 5 pm            Saturday: 8 am - 2 pm


We currently have our Cinnamon Rolls and full line of 12 different big soft cookies, Roasterie coffee and plenty of lunch and cafe seating.  Yes, we now have real tables & chairs for you to sit down and relax.

119th & Glenwood, Overland Park, Next Door to Johnny's

 just west of the Cheesecake Factory (Map)

Welcome to America's best kept secret.  We are self confessed foodies that have a passion for eating and creating delicious cookies and chocolates.  We bake all of our cookies from scratch using the best ingredients we can find and blend our own chocolate to get the ultimate flavor profile.  You can purchase goodies for yourself, send as a gift or both.  Take a look around and let us know what you think.
~All of us at Best Regards

"Silent Gratitude isn't much use to anyone." ~G.B. Stern
Wow!  Have you seen the Video that Toby Tobin did about
Best Regards?
Click on Toby to see it.
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"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated." ~William James

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Gooey Butter Cake
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For a more personal service, you may reach us at  (913)782-1505  or 913.912.7238
6759 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS  66209
Serving all of the Kansas City, MO Metro area, including:
Kansas City, Leawood, Prairie Village, Independence, Grandview, Gladstone,
Liberty, Lee's Summit, Shawnee, Olathe, Lenexa, Mission Hills.

* All of our Gift Baskets are Best Regards originals, and hand made just for you.

We do not outsource fulfillment of any of our Gift Baskets and Boxes, as is becoming all too common in our industry.


We reserve the right to substitute products or containers of equal or greater value subject to availability and season.  Products displayed around the primary gift design are sometimes used in photography to show products that may be hidden from view and we do not mean to imply that they are included in addition to all those products packed in the basket/box/crate.  Please ask if you have any questions about what is included in price quoted.

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